FFL eZ Check

FFL eZ Check is a Federal Firearms License Search that allows you to validate the current status of a FFL.  This service is provided by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives at: fflezcheck.atf.gov/fflezcheck/

FFLeZCheck is extremely easy to use and all you need is the FFL’s license number, which will look like this 9-99-XXX-XX-XX-99999.  All of our FFL listings have the license number included within the description.

The first image below shows the form you will see when you click on the FFLeZCheck link. Simply enter the FFL number in the format shown in the second image and you will get results similar to what you see in the third image. The results page will provide you with the expiration date, license name, trade name, premise and mailing addresses.

The ATF adds this warning to the bottom of the results page:

Warning: No one may use this screen, in lieu of the required certified copy of a Federal Firearms License, to acquire a firearm. In the event all of the information on the license you are verifying does not match the information displayed above, or if the license has expired, there is a possibility that this may be an attempt at a fraudulent transaction. You should not complete the transaction without first contacting ATF at 1-877-560-2435 for assistance. The data obtained from this site is not a substitute for a certified copy of the license.

*FFLeZCheck is a service of the ATF and the data obtained through their website and search is in no way related to or controlled by 411 GUN.  We do NOT guarantee the results to be correct.  It is solely your responsibility to contact the ATF at 1-877-560-2435 with any questions or concerns regarding the FFL search results.